2017 Indian Chieftain® Limited

Muscle through the crowd with the very newest 'Limited' Chieftain

This VERY LIMITED Chieftain Limited is rare, desirable and drips with cool factor. You will not see another of these at your favorite watering hole and frankly, when you show up on this bike, your friends will hate you because their bike just became invisible... 

There's one in every pack. At the front. Make way for the Indian Chieftain Limited. Others step aside when they see you rolling down the street with its sawed-off open front fender, showcasing a 19 in. contrast cut wheel. Now the only question is where will you lead them?

Financing is available for as long as 84 months with super low rates. Contact us today to learn more and get your deposit in on this iconic Indian Chieftain Limited. We only have one!